6 Peaks - Vorlage

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CIMG0286Shortly after six in the evening we set out to conquer the first of the "6 Peaks in 6 Days", Vorlage. 11-07-19-Vorlage 8867Coming in at a vertical altitude of 150M, our 2 ascents and descents for a total of 600 vertical meters travelled, took just under two hours.   It was hot but not unbearable and as the sun dropped behind the mountain it turned out to be a beautiful evening with very few pesky insects!

11-07-19-Vorlage 889911-07-19-Vorlage 890011-07-19-Vorlage 8901Water mellon, cherries and grapes were enjoyed by all in the parking lot. We were very happy to have guests along as company; a big welcome to Liz, Becky, Denis, Richard, Dianne and Marie-Christine.

 11-07-19-Vorlage 8891

July 20 - Mont Cascades - please join us.

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11-07-19-Vorlage 8891
by Everest Trek for Charity - 2011.over-blog.com

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