What Global Family Village Does

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The Challenge

To provide orphaned and abandoned children with a family, a home, education, and status in the community. (A family is a trained “mother,” 8-10 orphaned/abandoned siblings and community grandparents.)

What are the issues?

Nepal’s appalling number of 974,000 orphaned and abandoned children are being cared for in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Untrained caregivers, often disenfranchised themselves, are unable to provide adequate care for the children, many of whom develop attachment disorder, become developmentally delayed, physically disabled or mentally compromised. Upon leaving the orphanage, the children feel rootless, often lacking the social & organizational skills required to thrive in the outside world. They are easy prey for human trafficking, forced child labour and child prostitution/pornography.

How does Global Family Village help?

Children growing up in a family setting are healthier and developmentally more advanced. GFV works with community leaders to secure village houses where families can be "created" and live as part of a community. THe GFV house becomes a central community resource and offers early childhood education for village children. “Mothers” are trained to encourage the development of self esteem and values in their children. They are dedicated to caring for a small group of children and form loving ties with them. Close community relationships nurture psychosocial development.

Potential Long Term Impact

Children who have grown up in a family will be able to form healthy bonds and relationships with family, friends and community. Orphans and the caregivers, who are often disenfranchised widows, will enjoy improved social status. The children will receive an education in their community school. Within Nepali culture it is very important to have a home village and during seasonal festival people travel long distances to "go home" and share festivities with family and friends. 

Project Message

Providing disenfranchised children with "family " and "community" so they have a chance at achieving successful and fulfilling lives seems so simple. Every child should have a RIGHT to these basic elements of society that are often taken for granted . It really does take a village to raise a child….. but to achieve systemic, lasting change; help, guidance and support are necessary until each house becomes self sufficient. 

Freema Davis, Founder of Global Family Village

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