GARAGE SALE for GLOBAL FAMILY VILLAGE- don't miss it! - Sat. 17 Sept.

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Garage-Sale-SignsCome and visit us at the New Edinburgh garage sale at 151 Stanley Street. Meet the team heading to Everest Base Camp in 4 weeks. We have collected a huge selection of things you didn't know you needed (or wanted) from friends and family. If we don't have something for you at least enjoy a cup of coffee, a home baked treat or Denis' famous homemade turkey sausages.


We are raising money for Global Family Village and all proceeds from the sales goes to our goal of $19,500. We have raised nearly $11,000, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. You can donate online, all donations of $25 or more receive a tax receipt.


We would love to meet you, come by and say hello, wish us good luck and enjoy a treasure or a treat. 

Everest Team

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