Keeping in Step(s) nearly 200,000!!!

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When you think about climbing in the Himalayas, you think of climbing up... and up... and up. What better way to train than to climb stairs. It is great cardivascular training but puts a huge strain on your knees, especially going down so we started slowly but have come a long way! 


Funny that the longest outdoor set of stairs in Ottawa is behind the parliament buildings, it descends to the Ottawa River from just west of the Library (before "the Cats") with 273 steps. The steps are shaded by tree branches so even the most intense sun can be avoided. When you arrive at the bottom you have a beautiful view of the north side of the Ottawa River, from Victoria Island to the MacDonald Cartier Bridge. 


It is interesting the number and diversity of people who climb these stairs, some for specific reasons, others, because they know it is a good workout and push themselves to do it and still others are visiting the capital and have strayed upon the steps. Join us on Thursday evening 1800h or Sunday moring 800h.

09-12 STEP LOG Sheet1

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